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image of buildings equipped with water metering in california

Truety Water Submetering System: Enhancing Accuracy and Efficiency for California Multifamily Apartments

7 June 2023

In the dynamic landscape of California's multifamily apartment industry, regulations and consumer protection measures play a vital role in ensuring accurate utility billing. California Weights and Measures has implemented a regulation to address the need for precise water meter readings in cases where meters are installed in inaccessible locations. This blog post explores the benefits of Truety's water submetering system in meeting California's submetering requirements while improving quality, reducing costs, and building customer trust.

Why is California Regulation SB-7 Important?

California Regulation SB-7 emphasizes the significance of consumer protection in utility billing. To address potential inaccuracies arising from inaccessible water meter installations, the regulation requires the installation of a digital water meter display in each apartment unit. Although this requirement safeguards consumers' interests, additional hardware in every unit adds significant cost to a water submeter deployment.

Truety, powered by QMC + GWF, offers a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the unique demands of the California submetering market. With its California Weights and Measures-approved centralized lobby display, the Truety system presents a viable alternative to individual unit displays, thereby streamlining the installation process and improving aesthetics while reducing expenses.

Key Advantages of the Truety System:

  1. Enhanced Accuracy: Truety employs utility-grade, encoded water submeters that ensure precise and reliable readings. This accuracy minimizes billing errors and instills confidence among both tenants and property managers.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: By eliminating the need for individual unit displays, Truety significantly reduces hardware, installation, and programming costs. This cost optimization enables developers to implement a high-quality and compliant submetering solution without compromising their financial bottom line.
  3. Wireless Encoded Technology: Leveraging state-of-the-art wireless encoded meter readings over LoRaWAN, the Truety system eliminates the need for physical wiring in each unit. This wireless infrastructure simplifies the installation process, minimizes disruptions, and offers greater flexibility in meter placement.
  4. Customer Trust and Satisfaction: Truety not only meets regulatory requirements but also fosters trust between property managers and tenants. Transparent and accurate utility billing promotes a positive tenant experience, resulting in improved tenant satisfaction and long-term retention.

As California's multifamily apartment developers strive to comply with regulatory requirements while delivering exceptional customer experiences, Truety emerges as a reliable and efficient solution. By leveraging a centralized lobby display, wireless encoded technology, and utility-grade submeters, the Truety system enables accurate, cost-effective, and trustworthy utility billing. Embracing such innovative submetering systems empowers developers to meet California's stringent standards while enhancing their properties' operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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image of San Francisco apartments with water metering installed

Utility Grade Encoded Water Meters with LoRaWAN AMI: Future-Proofing Water Management

5 June 2023

Accurate measurement and efficient management of water consumption are essential for utilities, building developers, owners, and managers. In recent years, utility grade encoded water meters integrated with LoRaWAN AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) have gained popularity. This blog post will highlight the benefits of using LoRaWAN AMI with utility grade encoded water meters, emphasizing its advantages over proprietary communication systems. We will also discuss how utilizing LoRaWAN's open standard makes it a future-proof technology for sustainable water management.

Future-Proofing Water Management

  1. Reliable Data Transmission: Utility grade encoded water meters use digital encoding to ensure accurate and reliable consumption data. LoRaWAN AMI provides a secure and robust wireless communication infrastructure, allowing seamless transmission of this data over long distances.
  2. LoRaWAN Benefits over Proprietary Communication: LoRaWAN technology offers distinct advantages over proprietary communication systems:
    • Interoperability: LoRaWAN is an open standard, enabling interoperability between devices and networks from different vendors. This flexibility allows users to choose from a wide range of compatible devices and prevents vendor lock-in.
    • Long Range and Penetration: LoRaWAN operates on low-power, wide-area networks, providing long-range coverage and excellent signal penetration capabilities. This makes it suitable for water meters installed in basements, underground facilities, and remote locations.
    • Scalability: LoRaWAN networks can efficiently handle large numbers of devices, making it scalable for utility-wide or city-wide deployments.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: LoRaWAN's low-power requirements and long battery life result in reduced operational costs and maintenance efforts.
  3. Future-Proof Technology: LoRaWAN's open standard nature ensures compatibility and longevity. By adopting LoRaWAN AMI for utility grade encoded water meters, building developers, owners, and managers can future-proof their investments. This means they can easily integrate new IoT devices , leverage evolving technologies, and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving water management landscape.
  4. Enhanced Efficiency and Sustainability: The combination of utility grade encoded water meters and LoRaWAN AMI brings several benefits:
    • Real-Time Monitoring: LoRaWAN AMI enables real-time data collection, allowing utilities and building managers to monitor water consumption patterns, detect leaks promptly, and implement effective conservation measures.
    • Remote Management: LoRaWAN AMI facilitates remote configuration and automated processes, reducing the need for physical access and on-site visits. This streamlines operations, lowers costs, and improves customer service.
    • Data Analytics and Insights: The detailed consumption data obtained from utility grade encoded water meters and LoRaWAN AMI can be analyzed to identify trends, optimize resource allocation, and make informed decisions regarding infrastructure upgrades and water conservation initiatives.


Utility grade encoded water meters integrated with LoRaWAN AMI provide a reliable, cost-effective, and future-proof solution for water management. By leveraging LoRaWAN's open standard, utilities, building developers, owners, and managers can ensure interoperability, scalability, and compatibility with evolving technologies. The benefits of LoRaWAN AMI, including real-time monitoring, remote management, and data analytics, contribute to enhanced efficiency, sustainability, and improved customer service. Embracing this powerful combination is a step towards a more resilient and intelligent water management system, benefiting both present and future generations.

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The Challenges of Pulse Output Water Meters and the Rise of Encoded Water Meters

29 May 2023

Water meters play a crucial role in accurately measuring and monitoring water consumption. Traditionally, pulse output water meters have been widely used for this purpose. However, they come with their fair share of challenges. In recent years, encoded water meters have emerged as a more efficient and cost-effective solution. In this blog post, we'll explore the challenges of pulse output water meters and discuss the benefits of encoded water meters, particularly their impact on lowering the total cost of ownership for developers, owners, and property managers.

Challenges of Pulse Output Water Meters

  1. Vulnerability to Tampering: Pulse output water meters are susceptible to tampering and unauthorized adjustments, which can lead to inaccurate readings and potential revenue loss for property managers. Tampering can be as simple as disconnecting a wire, and in the event of tampering, there is no indication of whether the meter output has been tampered with or if there is simply no water consumption occurring.
  2. Loss of Consumption Data: Pulse output water meters rely on the detection of pulses to measure water flow. However, periodic loss of pulses can occur due to factors such as mechanical issues or obstructions in the meter, resulting in incomplete consumption data and difficulties in accurately tracking water usage.
  3. Billing Disputes: Because of the first two scenarios noted above, there is no guarantee that the reading on the physical meter will match the reading on a consumer bill or remote display. This opens a lot of questions and liability regarding the validity of the meter readings if used for revenue or cost allocation purposes. Time spent on customer service and issues management can become very costly.
  4. Interval data is not consistent: If there is a small leak within a pulse system, there is no way to catch that. Time between pulses can be 3-4 hours apart. Compared to an encoded system, even a small leak can be detected, as an actual reading occurs every hour.
  5. No diagnostic information: There is no way to indicate reverse flow, alarms or other diagnostic information.
  6. Installer set up error:. Errors in setting up multipliers, units of measure, decimal points and subsequently data collection software present a challenge as there is no way to verify this once the installer has left the property.
  7. Wiring issues: Bad wiring, termination, long wire runs and bad wire quality are all common issues which can lead to phantom or lost pulse counts. Filtering and/or de-bouncing circuits need to be implemented into the design of the pulse collector. This leads to pulse equipment requiring an increase in cost that some manufacturers may ignore.

Encoded Water Meters: Overcoming Challenges and Unlocking Benefits:

  1. Enhanced Data Transmission: Encoded water meters use digital technology to transmit consumption data, including the meter serial number, encoded meter reading, and units of measure. This serial transmission of data ensures accurate and reliable information without the risk of consumption loss due to uncaptured pulses.
  2. LoRaWAN AMI Integration: Encoded water meters often leverage LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) technology to enable advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). LoRaWAN AMI allows for secure, long-range wireless communication, facilitating real-time data collection, remote monitoring, and control of water meters.
  3. Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Encoded water meters offer several benefits that contribute to reducing the total cost of ownership:
    • Accurate and Reliable Data: The use of encoded data transmission ensures accurate and reliable consumption data, eliminating issues associated with lost pulses and providing a more comprehensive view of water usage.
    • Tamper-Resistant Design: Encoded water meters are designed with enhanced security features and alarm transmission to deter tampering and unauthorized adjustments, reducing the risk of revenue loss for property owners.
    • Improved Leak Detection: The detailed and granular real-time data provided by encoded water meters enables early leak detection, minimizing water loss, and property damage.
    • Efficient Resource Allocation: With precise consumption data, property owners can analyze usage patterns, optimize resource allocation, and make informed decisions regarding infrastructure upgrades and water conservation initiatives.


Encoded water meters offer a robust solution to the challenges associated with pulse output water meters. By utilizing digital technology, serial data transmission, and integrating with LoRaWAN AMI, these meters provide accurate and reliable consumption data, reduce the risk of tampering, and enable efficient water management. The benefits of encoded water meters, including improved leak detection and optimized resource allocation, contribute to lowering the total cost of ownership for property managers while promoting sustainability and conservation efforts. Embracing the advantages of encoded water meters is a step towards a more efficient and resilient water management system.

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