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An apartment building where a Truety wireless water metering system was quickly installed.

Speed, Precision and Quality Metering for Property Managers: The Truety Advantage

24 May 2024

For many property managers across the nation, water and energy metering has been a prickly issue: Metering was supposed to help reduce operating costs, and keep tenants accountable for their utility use. Depending on a variety of reasons, the reality can quite different. These issues can range from bad installation practices, poor quality or polymer-based water metering hardware, or even worse, inaccurate readings that lead to tenants disputing their water bills.

With the above in mind, it's important to choose a water submetering solution that addresses and improves on common issues in the industry to ensure your system can actually save you time and money.

Truety's Wireless Water Meters are Precise

Introducing Truety's wireless water metering solution: Our smart water meters are utility grade, ensuring they meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. Encoded metering data allows for secure and complete meter data transfers that guarantee precise readings, which are crucial for billing and conservation efforts. With true encoded data, the potential for human error or relying on pulse-based readings are eliminated. This reduces the time needed for property managers to actively manage complaints from tenants about accuracy, freeing their time up for other tasks on site.

Truety's Wireless Water Meters Ensure Fast Installation & Commissioning

It's no secret: typical installation times for water meters in the industry today range from 25 - 45 minutes to install a single meter, on top of the commissioning time required to verify the installation. With Truety, you can reduce your installation time by over 90% with our easy-to-install wireless water meters, and our tap-and-go commissioning technology quickly verifies the installation, allowing you to start billing your tenants faster. Take a look at our installation and commissioning video below:

Truety's High Quality Wireless Water Meters

Truety’s water meters are designed for long-term performance and durability, with a life expectancy of around 10-15 years depending on the model. This is possible due to the robust construction and high-quality brass used during the manufacturing process. We believe in lowering the total cost of ownership for our clients, while also staying price competitive to typical polymer-based water meters. This long-lasting reliability is a key benefit, reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs, and ensuring property managers get the most value over the lifetime of the installation.

Our submetering systems also also assists in detecting leaks and managing water usage more effectively, ultimately contributing to water conservation and cost savings. Our utility data management platform can be configured to detect abnormal usage, notifying you before costly property damage can occur. add in the testimonial please

LoRaWAN Communication and Easy Installation

Truety meters use a low-powered and long range communication protocol that ensures our meters are easy to install, but also requires less maintenance, which leads to lowering a property manager or owner's total cost of ownership. Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) allows long distance data transmission, and is useful for enhancing the efficiency of water management systems. This allows for property and allowing you to install fewer communications devices, which further reduces costs and material requirements.

California Weights and Measures Compliance

Specific to California, our meters are fully compliant to California Weights and Measures standards, ensuring that all metering hardware meet regulatory requirements. We also carry local stock that has already been certified through their testing benches, reducing lead times for any developments that may need wireless water meters immediately.

Truety's Wireless Water Meters are Ideal for Property Managers

For property managers looking to optimize their water submetering processes, Truety offers a superior solution. With fast installation times, precise and reliable data, and compliance with local regulations, Truety stands out as the best choice for efficient and effective water management. By choosing Truety, property managers can achieve significant cost savings, improve operational efficiency, and contribute to sustainability goals.

Want to learn more? Contact us today!

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Truety water meter installed in California apartment buildings ensuring compliance with California Weights and Measures standards.

California Weights and Measures: How Truety Simplifies Submetering Compliance

16 May 2024

Adhering to California Weights and Measures regulations is crucial and required for property managers looking to implement water submetering systems. These strict standards ensure accuracy and reliability in water metering, safeguarding both tenants and property owners. Truety offers advanced water submetering solutions that consistently meet these standards, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

What is California Weights and Measures?

California Weights and Measures is a set of regulatory standards established to ensure accuracy in various types of measurements, including water metering. These regulations are enforced by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) and are critical for property managers to understand and comply with to avoid penalties and ensure fair billing practices.

Key Requirements for Submetering in California

  • Accuracy and Precision: Wireless water meters must provide precise measurements to ensure fair billing.
  • Certification and Testing: Meters must be tested and certified for accuracy before installation.
  • Regular Maintenance: Ongoing maintenance and re-certification are required to maintain compliance.

The Challenges of Compliance in California

For property managers, especially those managing large portfolios in states like California with tight regulations, ensuring compliance can be challenging. The process involves regular meter testing, certification and detailed record-keeping, all of which can be expensive and time consuming.

How Truety Simplifies Compliance with California Weights and Measures

Truety by QMC offers a comprehensive solution that addresses these challenges head-on, ensuring seamless integration and robust performance in any property management scenario. Here’s how Truety stands out:

Accurate and Reliable Water Submetering

Truety’s smart metering devices are designed to provide the highest levels of accuracy and reliability. Each device undergoes rigorous testing and certification to ensure it meets California Weights and Measures standards. Link to approval document on CWM

Advanced Technology Integration

Truety integrates advanced technologies such as secure wireless LoRaWAN communications and a mobile NFC-based tap-and-go verification system. This integration not only streamlines operations but also ensures real-time monitoring and quick verification, reducing the margin for error.

How To Easily Install and Maintain Submetering System

Truety’s solutions are designed for easy installation and maintenance. The mobile NFC system allows for effortless verification and calibration, ensuring that meters remain compliant with minimal downtime.

Comprehensive Support For Submetering Systems

Truety powered by QMC, provides comprehensive support to ensure property managers can easily navigate the regulatory landscape. From assisting the initial installation to ongoing maintenance and support, we're there every step of the way to ensure compliance and optimal performance.

Benefits of Using Truety for California Property Managers

  • Reduced Compliance Burden: Truety simplifies the compliance process, saving time and resources.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Truety offers precise and long lasting metering hardware, ensuring fair and accurate billing.
  • Trusted Partnership: Access the combined 150 years of institutional metering knowledge from QMC and GWF.

For property managers in California, adhering to Weights and Measures standards is not just a regulatory requirement but a commitment to accuracy and fairness. Truety, powered by QMC, offers a robust and reliable solution that not only meets these standards but also simplifies the entire compliance process.

Property managers can achieve greater efficiency, accuracy and peace of mind with Truety, contact us today.

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Columbia Greens Apartments had a massive leak problem that was solved by QMC's water metering solutions Truety

Columbia Greens Cuts Water Bill In Half

11 April 2024

Columbia Greens is a multi-residential property located in Houston, Texas, housing over 230 residential units. The property is composed of one, two and three bedroom suites, and includes an abundance of community amenities and nearby activities. Before partnering with QMC and implementing our Truety system, this property suffered from a shocking amount of leaks, and abnormally high tenant usage. With the help of the experienced team at QMC, Columbia Greens was able to reduce their monthly water consumption from 31,000 gallons to 18,000 gallons.

How Water Metering Saved The Property Thousands

Our hot and cold indoor wireless water meters were installed in each unit to accurately track individual tenant usage. Each meter utilizes LoRaWAN wireless communication and are composed of a brass body manufactured in Switzerland. All meters communicate wirelessly to the Truety platform, allowing for easy viewing for both tenants and property managers.

The property manager at Columbia Greens, Joe Guajardo, has taken an active role in educating tenants on their utility usage, this has lead to a reduction in non-revenue water usage.

Truety water meters saved Columbia Greens thousands on their water bill

A Quality Wireless Water Metering Solution Can Instantly Impact Multi-Residential Properties

The Truety system began detecting leaks as soon as the system was deployed at Columbia Greens. We identified and isolated over 170 leaks within the property immediately, with some severe leaks wasting thousands of gallons of water per month. Any unidentified leaks can and will impact net operating income, and should be addressed quickly. The Truety Portal alerted Columbia Greens of the leaks in question, and Mr.Guajardo was able to proactively address the leaks through work orders to have the leaks repaired. QMC's Truety has continued to notify Columbia Green of potential new leaks, reducing water waste as well as lost revenue.

Leaks in multi-family residential properties can and will occur, but deploying a smart water metering solution like Truety enables a proactive and measured approach. Watch our 2-minute video testimonial below on how Truety enabled Columbia Greens, a multi-family residential property in Texas, reduce their non-revenue water sources and improve their NOI.

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QMC Metering Solutions Welcomes Industry Veteran Mark Jarman to Spearhead Revolutionary Wireless Solution, Truety

7 March 2024

SACRAMENTO, Calif., March 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- QMC Metering Solutions, a leading innovator in submetering technology, is thrilled to announce the addition of Mark Jarman to its esteemed team. Jarman, the former President of Inovonics, a pioneer in reliable wireless technology applications, has come out of retirement to join QMC as a key figure behind the company’s groundbreaking new product, Truety.

With a celebrated career that transformed Inovonics into a behemoth in wireless technology for submetering, commercial security and senior living services, Jarman brings unparalleled expertise and a rich legacy of innovation to QMC Metering Solutions. His decision to join QMC is driven by a strong belief in Truety's potential to redefine standards in the industry with its advanced LoRaWAN communication technology and high-quality metering hardware that surpasses the competition in North America.

A New Era of Metering for the Built Environment

Truety represents the next generation of wireless metering solutions, offering high-precision, cost-effective monitoring with its state-of-the-art LoRaWAN communication technology coupled with durable brass water meters and electricity socket meters. This cutting-edge solution is designed to meet the evolving needs of modern infrastructure, promising exceptional accuracy, reliability, and ease of integration.

Mark Jarman on His Decision to Join QMC Metering Solutions

"I was drawn out of retirement by the sheer innovation and potential of Truety," said Mark Jarman. "In my years at Inovonics, we achieved remarkable milestones in wireless technology, but I see in QMC a forward-thinking approach and a commitment to quality that aligns with my vision for the future of metering solutions. I am excited to contribute to a product that not only meets but exceeds customer expectations in performance and reliability."

“QMC is pleased to welcome Mark as a strategic advisor for our American expansion. Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team, complementing our dedication to providing high-quality, high-accuracy measurement solutions”, said Stew Hutton, President of QMC Metering Solutions, USA. “We are excited about the collaborative opportunities ahead as Mark shares our passion for excellence and will undoubtedly contribute to the success of QMC in the American market.”

About QMC Metering Solutions

QMC Metering Solutions is at the forefront of the metering industry, offering advanced solutions that integrate seamlessly into modern infrastructures. Committed to sustainability, accuracy, and reliability, QMC empowers businesses and communities to monitor and manage utilities effectively, paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient future.

For more information about QMC Metering Solutions and the revolutionary Truety, please visit qmeters.com.


Stew Hutton
President, QMC USA
QMC Metering Solutions

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Leak Detection Saves Broadway Block Thousands

1 March 2024

Broadway Block is a mixed-use project in Long Beach, California, housing over 430 residential units developed by Onni. Due to the strict regulatory landscape around submetering in California, Onni required a reliable partner that could supply high quality wireless water meters as well as an easy-to-use online utility data management platform. These requirements made Truety a perfect match for this project. 

Broadway Block in California, indoor wireless water sub metered apartment

The Advantage of Water Metering at Broadway Block

Based on their needs, QMC installed Truety, our wireless water metering solution, across the entire property. Truety is unique in that it uses LoRaWAN wireless communication and utility grade brass water meters to accurately track water consumption. Hot and cold indoor wireless water meters were installed in each apartment and is in compliance with California state law. Utilizing LoRaWAN wireless water meters allowed the client to install less communication modules on site, reducing hardware and labor costs. All meters on the property communicate wirelessly to the Truety platform, allowing for easy viewing and exporting of utility data.

Outside of Broadway Block In California, wireless water sub metered apartment

How Wireless Water Metering Already Helped Broadway Block

Our Truety system began working as soon as it was installed. A contractor left a sink running at the end of a work week, which was detected by our system immediately. Truety then sent out a notification blast which allowed the contractor to be notified, and they were able to return to the unit to turn off the water, preventing water waste and mitigating property damage. Tenants have had consistent access to verify and monitor their consumption data, making it easy for them to make proactive changes to their water usage.

Leaks in multi-family residential towers are an on going problem and the Truety solution will consistently reduce property damage and water waste. We appreciates the opportunity to continue to build on our working relationship with Onni and look forward to all future projects.

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Water submetering for mixed-use properties

Wireless Submetering For Mixed-Use Properties

29 February 2024

Mixed-use properties can be difficult to manage. Submetering a property that has both residential and commercial tenants can be challenging as the tenants tend to have wide utility use disparity. A single family living in an apartment or condo will consume significantly less water and electricity when compared to a brewery or a restaurant that resides in the same building.

This makes submetering vital in efficiently managing and properly allocating energy use on site. Outdated utility billing methods such as ratio based billing are unfair for tenants and can increase tenant disputes within these properties.

The Challenges of Submetering Your Mixed-Use Property

Installing a wireless submetering solution to your mixed-use property will have a positive impact on your tenant relationships and your bottom line, but there may be some challenges. The initial investment of purchasing the necessary water, electrical, gas or thermal meters will come at a cost, and those units will need to be combined with communications devices that transfer data to a utility data management platform. Fortunately, these costs are easily recouped through accurate tenant billing, reduced property damage and decreasing water waste through algorithmic leak detection.

Accurate billing will improve your relationship with your tenants as they will be charged for their actual usage. Some tenants will be displeased paying for their actual utility usage but, with access to real time utility data those customers will easily be able to reduce their consumption and their utility bills. This will result in a positive impact on the environment and reducing your properties overall consumption.

The Advantages of Submetering Your Mixed-Use Property

Submetering your property has multiple positives that outweigh any negatives, especially for property owners who are focused on the future. Submetering your property can be broken down into 3 primary advantages:

Individual Tenant Billing:

Submetering each unit for any utility allows the property owner to individually invoice each tenant for their consumption. Property managers can use this to separate utility billing and rent costs into two independent bills and contract a billing company to handle all utility billing, saving them time and stress.

Algorithmic Leak Detection:

Leak detection is available with robust utility data management platforms. Platforms like Truety can be set up to send an alert to the building's stakeholders as soon as irregular flow is detected within the system. This allows property managers to act quickly, mitigating potential damage to their property.

Improving Building Efficiency:

With the utility data transparency provided by a submetering system, it's easy to improve your building’s efficiency and reduce its impact on the environment. This opens the door for government grants related to sustainability and assists in following net zero guidelines.

Need Help Submetering Your Property?

The Truety solution supplied by QMC Metering Solutions is the best water and electricity metering solution available to the North American market. Our solution combines proven and reliable encoded readings with robust and highly accurate metering devices.

Secure wireless LoRaWAN communications and a mobile NFC-based tap and go verification system will streamline your operation, and reduce equipment costs. The Truety ecosystem eliminates errors, improves quality and builds client trust.

Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and take the first step towards cost effective property management.

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What is Submetering? How Utility Grade Submeters Can 10x Your Savings

29 February 2024

To properly understand the benefits of submetering, we must understand the difference between meters and submeters. Master meters, or mainline utility meters, are mandated by local governments to track water, electricity, gas and more. Property managers and building owners receive monthly or quarterly invoices from the utility company based on the building’s total energy use and have to make manual calculations on how to charge tenants within their building.

Slow billing cycles can lead to tenant disputes and delayed responses to damaged systems. This can contribute to higher operational costs for repairs. Further, with no access to unit specific data, building owners are forced to use a “guess-and-check” method to make meaningful improvements to their property.

Submetering is a more accurate and cost-effective method of utility management that begins with the installation of submeters at the tenant level. All energy consumption within the tenant space is monitored, allowing for fair allocation of utility use. Wireless submetering allows for better insight into energy use trends as well as accountability for both property managers and tenants.

How Utility Grade Submetering Can 10x Your Savings

Not all submetering systems are created equal. Our suggestion for an ideal submetering system would require several key components:

  • Encoded: Encoded meters reliably produce accurate data and cannot be tampered with.
  • Quality Construction: Ensure submeters are built using high quality materials to increase lifespan of installed metering equipment and reduce measurement errors.
  • Active Monitoring and Management: Utilizing a best in class meter data reporting platform can provide alerts based on irregularities within your system, making monitoring your property easy.

Property owners and managers can make proactive repairs and actions based on accurate data. This form of meter reporting keeps tenants accountable for their usage, lowering the average user’s utility cost, while putting pressure on tenants with higher consumption to re-evaluate their energy use habits.

What Factors Makes a Submetering System Effective?

Effective submetering systems require strong wireless communication. While this isn’t required, it allows property managers to remotely monitor every meter installed on their property remotely. We have found that wireless water meters are the most cost-effective option for multi-residential and distributed networks, as long as they communicate signals out accurately. Wireless water meters, such as our LoRaWAN-enabled UNICOCoders, cut down on wiring and installation costs, and have a data transmission range of over fifteen miles in best case scenarios, reducing material costs and labor.

Are All Submeters Effective?

Unfortunately, for property managers in North America, the market is plagued with low quality, inaccurate and polymer-based meters that constantly fail testing processes. Installing sub-par meters can lead to increased tenant disputes, caused by inaccurate readings and the constant need for re-verification and equipment replacement.

What’s The Most Effective Submetering System?

An ideal submetering system includes utility grade metering hardware, a robust meter data reporting platform, as well as expert commissioning services. Truety uses Swiss-made, utility grade water meters paired with LoRaWAN integrated gateways to produce the best submetering system on the market. Truety is paired with the Truety Portal, our meter data reporting platform that provides accurate reports on utility usage. Lastly, our group of expert contractors and technicians are trained to diagnose and properly commission all projects, reducing errors at the end of a project. Recoup your cost of installation, improve your property value and lower your operating costs in one compact package.

Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and take the first step towards cost effective property management.

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image of aqueduct in California

Comprehensive Benefits of Water Submetering in California: Saving Water and Money

21 February 2024

In the heart of California's ever-evolving real estate and property management landscape, the push towards sustainability and efficiency has never been more critical. Amidst this backdrop, water submetering emerges as a pivotal tool to streamline operations and enhance profitability for property managers, building owners, multifamily billing companies and real estate developers. Water sub metering is not just a tool for monitoring; it's a strategic asset that empowers property managers, building owners, multifamily billing companies, and real estate developers to achieve greater control over their water resources, optimize operational costs, and enhance tenant satisfaction.

Why Water Submetering is Essential for California's Real Estate Sector

Water submetering is a transformative approach that enables precise measurement of water use in individual units within multifamily, commercial, and mixed-use properties. This granular level of data collection is critical in a state like California, where water conservation is a priority due to environmental considerations and regulatory mandates.

By adopting a water metering solution like Truety, an advanced wireless water metering technology, property management stakeholders can achieve unparalleled accuracy in water usage measurement. This accuracy is instrumental in identifying leaks promptly, allocating costs fairly among tenants, and encouraging responsible water use, leading to significant savings and sustainability achievements.

Benefits of Implementing Water Submetering

One of the benefits of submetering is that it promotes accountability in water use. This can drive conservation efforts across the property. For California, where drought conditions are a recurring challenge, the ability to monitor and manage water consumption at the unit level is invaluable.

Another benefit of implementing water metering are the cost savings and accurate tenant monitoring. With Truety, property managers and tenants can see their actual consumption, fostering a fair environment where tenants are only responsible for the water they use. This transparency can lead to direct cost savings for both property owners and tenants, as waste is minimized and water usage is optimized.

Streamlining Operations with Advanced Metering Technology

In the competitive landscape of California's real estate market, efficiency in operations is not just an advantage; it's a necessity. Truety represents the forefront of wireless water submetering by implementing LoRaWAN wireless technology into our metering hardware. This technology empowers property managers and owners with real-time data access, enabling proactive management and decision-making.

Learn more about LoRaWAN-enabled water meters now.

The advent of real-time data collection through advanced metering solutions like Truety transforms how properties can be managed. Issues such as leaks or abnormal usage patterns are detected instantly through the Truety Portal, allowing for immediate action to prevent waste and reduce costs. This level of oversight ensures properties operate at peak efficiency, fostering a sustainable environment that is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Enhancing Tenant Satisfaction and Retention

The transparency and fairness provided by water submetering with Truety leads to cost savings and can also significantly improve tenant satisfaction. When tenants understand their water usage and can accurately confirm their monthly bill matches what their physical meter reports, disputes are minimized and trust is built between tenants and management. This trust is crucial for tenant retention, a key factor in maintaining high occupancy rates and stable revenue streams in California's dynamic real estate market.

Building a Sustainable Brand

For real estate developers and multifamily billing companies, adopting cutting-edge solutions such as Truety positions your brand as a leader in sustainability and innovation. In today's market, where tenants and stakeholders increasingly value environmental responsibility, leveraging QMC Metering Solutions' technology can enhance your property's appeal and marketability.

Regulatory Compliance and Environmental Stewardship

California's strict water conservation regulations require properties to adopt efficient water management practices. Truety not only ensures compliance with these regulations, but also demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship. By reducing overall water consumption, properties contribute to the state's conservation efforts, playing a part in addressing the broader challenges of water scarcity.

Maximizing ROI with Water Submetering

Investing in water submetering technology like Truety offers a substantial return on investment (ROI) by reducing water waste, lowering operational costs, and enhancing property value. For building owners and property managers, the cost savings from improved water management directly impact the bottom line, making it a financially sound decision in addition to its environmental benefits.

Embracing the Future of Water Management with QMC Metering Solutions

The landscape of water management in California is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by technological advancements, regulatory requirements, and a growing emphasis on sustainability. In this evolving environment, the role of water submetering has become increasingly important for property managers, building owners, multifamily billing companies, and real estate developers. By leveraging Truety, the wireless water metering solution from QMC Metering Solutions, stakeholders can navigate these challenges with unparalleled efficiency, transparency, and environmental responsibility.

The Strategic Advantage of Truety in Water Management

QMC's commitment to innovation is embodied in Truety, a solution that not only meets the current demands of the California market but also anticipates future needs. The benefits of implementing Truety extend beyond immediate cost savings and operational efficiencies; they encompass enhanced tenant relationships, compliance with stringent water conservation laws, and a tangible contribution to environmental stewardship.

Why Choose Truety as Your Water Submetering Provider?

  • Innovative Technology: Truety represents the cutting edge of water submetering solutions, offering ease of installation, accuracy, and reliability.
  • Dedicated Support: Our team at QMC Metering Solutions is committed to ensuring your transition to advanced water metering is seamless, providing ongoing support and expertise.
  • Sustainability Leadership: By choosing Truety, you position your property at the forefront of sustainability efforts, a critical consideration for today's environmentally conscious market.

Lead the Way in Water Conservation

As California continues to face the challenges of water scarcity and environmental sustainability, the importance of efficient water management cannot be overstated. Discover how QMC Metering Solutions can empower your properties with Truety. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and take the first step towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

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image of buildings equipped with water metering in california

Truety Water Submetering System: Enhancing Accuracy and Efficiency for California Multifamily Apartments

7 June 2023

In the dynamic landscape of California's multifamily apartment industry, regulations and consumer protection measures play a vital role in ensuring accurate utility billing. California Weights and Measures has implemented a regulation to address the need for precise water meter readings in cases where meters are installed in inaccessible locations. This blog post explores the benefits of Truety's water submetering system in meeting California's submetering requirements while improving quality, reducing costs, and building customer trust.

Why is California Regulation SB-7 Important?

California Regulation SB-7 emphasizes the significance of consumer protection in utility billing. To address potential inaccuracies arising from inaccessible water meter installations, the regulation requires the installation of a digital water meter display in each apartment unit. Although this requirement safeguards consumers' interests, additional hardware in every unit adds significant cost to a water submeter deployment.

Truety, powered by QMC + GWF, offers a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the unique demands of the California submetering market. With its California Weights and Measures-approved centralized lobby display, the Truety system presents a viable alternative to individual unit displays, thereby streamlining the installation process and improving aesthetics while reducing expenses.

Key Advantages of the Truety System:

  1. Enhanced Accuracy: Truety employs utility-grade, encoded water submeters that ensure precise and reliable readings. This accuracy minimizes billing errors and instills confidence among both tenants and property managers.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: By eliminating the need for individual unit displays, Truety significantly reduces hardware, installation, and programming costs. This cost optimization enables developers to implement a high-quality and compliant submetering solution without compromising their financial bottom line.
  3. Wireless Encoded Technology: Leveraging state-of-the-art wireless encoded meter readings over LoRaWAN, the Truety system eliminates the need for physical wiring in each unit. This wireless infrastructure simplifies the installation process, minimizes disruptions, and offers greater flexibility in meter placement.
  4. Customer Trust and Satisfaction: Truety not only meets regulatory requirements but also fosters trust between property managers and tenants. Transparent and accurate utility billing promotes a positive tenant experience, resulting in improved tenant satisfaction and long-term retention.

As California's multifamily apartment developers strive to comply with regulatory requirements while delivering exceptional customer experiences, Truety emerges as a reliable and efficient solution. By leveraging a centralized lobby display, wireless encoded technology, and utility-grade submeters, the Truety system enables accurate, cost-effective, and trustworthy utility billing. Embracing such innovative submetering systems empowers developers to meet California's stringent standards while enhancing their properties' operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Looking for help to maximize your cost savings? Contact us today.

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image of San Francisco apartments with water metering installed

Utility Grade Encoded Water Meters with LoRaWAN AMI: Future-Proofing Water Management

5 June 2023

Accurate measurement and efficient management of water consumption are essential for utilities, building developers, owners, and managers. In recent years, utility grade encoded water meters integrated with LoRaWAN AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) have gained popularity. This blog post will highlight the benefits of using LoRaWAN AMI with utility grade encoded water meters, emphasizing its advantages over proprietary communication systems. We will also discuss how utilizing LoRaWAN's open standard makes it a future-proof technology for sustainable water management.

Future-Proofing Water Management

  1. Reliable Data Transmission: Utility grade encoded water meters use digital encoding to ensure accurate and reliable consumption data. LoRaWAN AMI provides a secure and robust wireless communication infrastructure, allowing seamless transmission of this data over long distances.
  2. LoRaWAN Benefits over Proprietary Communication: LoRaWAN technology offers distinct advantages over proprietary communication systems:
    • Interoperability: LoRaWAN is an open standard, enabling interoperability between devices and networks from different vendors. This flexibility allows users to choose from a wide range of compatible devices and prevents vendor lock-in.
    • Long Range and Penetration: LoRaWAN operates on low-power, wide-area networks, providing long-range coverage and excellent signal penetration capabilities. This makes it suitable for water meters installed in basements, underground facilities, and remote locations.
    • Scalability: LoRaWAN networks can efficiently handle large numbers of devices, making it scalable for utility-wide or city-wide deployments.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: LoRaWAN's low-power requirements and long battery life result in reduced operational costs and maintenance efforts.
  3. Future-Proof Technology: LoRaWAN's open standard nature ensures compatibility and longevity. By adopting LoRaWAN AMI for utility grade encoded water meters, building developers, owners, and managers can future-proof their investments. This means they can easily integrate new IoT devices , leverage evolving technologies, and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving water management landscape.
  4. Enhanced Efficiency and Sustainability: The combination of utility grade encoded water meters and LoRaWAN AMI brings several benefits:
    • Real-Time Monitoring: LoRaWAN AMI enables real-time data collection, allowing utilities and building managers to monitor water consumption patterns, detect leaks promptly, and implement effective conservation measures.
    • Remote Management: LoRaWAN AMI facilitates remote configuration and automated processes, reducing the need for physical access and on-site visits. This streamlines operations, lowers costs, and improves customer service.
    • Data Analytics and Insights: The detailed consumption data obtained from utility grade encoded water meters and LoRaWAN AMI can be analyzed to identify trends, optimize resource allocation, and make informed decisions regarding infrastructure upgrades and water conservation initiatives.


Utility grade encoded water meters integrated with LoRaWAN AMI provide a reliable, cost-effective, and future-proof solution for water management. By leveraging LoRaWAN's open standard, utilities, building developers, owners, and managers can ensure interoperability, scalability, and compatibility with evolving technologies. The benefits of LoRaWAN AMI, including real-time monitoring, remote management, and data analytics, contribute to enhanced efficiency, sustainability, and improved customer service. Embracing this powerful combination is a step towards a more resilient and intelligent water management system, benefiting both present and future generations.

Looking for help to maximize your cost savings? Contact us today.

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image of apartments with water meters

The Challenges of Pulse Output Water Meters and the Rise of Encoded Water Meters

29 May 2023

Water meters play a crucial role in accurately measuring and monitoring water consumption. Traditionally, pulse output water meters have been widely used for this purpose. However, they come with their fair share of challenges. In recent years, encoded water meters have emerged as a more efficient and cost-effective solution. In this blog post, we'll explore the challenges of pulse output water meters and discuss the benefits of encoded water meters, particularly their impact on lowering the total cost of ownership for developers, owners, and property managers.

Challenges of Pulse Output Water Meters

  1. Vulnerability to Tampering: Pulse output water meters are susceptible to tampering and unauthorized adjustments, which can lead to inaccurate readings and potential revenue loss for property managers. Tampering can be as simple as disconnecting a wire, and in the event of tampering, there is no indication of whether the meter output has been tampered with or if there is simply no water consumption occurring.
  2. Loss of Consumption Data: Pulse output water meters rely on the detection of pulses to measure water flow. However, periodic loss of pulses can occur due to factors such as mechanical issues or obstructions in the meter, resulting in incomplete consumption data and difficulties in accurately tracking water usage.
  3. Billing Disputes: Because of the first two scenarios noted above, there is no guarantee that the reading on the physical meter will match the reading on a consumer bill or remote display. This opens a lot of questions and liability regarding the validity of the meter readings if used for revenue or cost allocation purposes. Time spent on customer service and issues management can become very costly.
  4. Interval data is not consistent: If there is a small leak within a pulse system, there is no way to catch that. Time between pulses can be 3-4 hours apart. Compared to an encoded system, even a small leak can be detected, as an actual reading occurs every hour.
  5. No diagnostic information: There is no way to indicate reverse flow, alarms or other diagnostic information.
  6. Installer set up error:. Errors in setting up multipliers, units of measure, decimal points and subsequently data collection software present a challenge as there is no way to verify this once the installer has left the property.
  7. Wiring issues: Bad wiring, termination, long wire runs and bad wire quality are all common issues which can lead to phantom or lost pulse counts. Filtering and/or de-bouncing circuits need to be implemented into the design of the pulse collector. This leads to pulse equipment requiring an increase in cost that some manufacturers may ignore.

Encoded Water Meters: Overcoming Challenges and Unlocking Benefits:

  1. Enhanced Data Transmission: Encoded water meters use digital technology to transmit consumption data, including the meter serial number, encoded meter reading, and units of measure. This serial transmission of data ensures accurate and reliable information without the risk of consumption loss due to uncaptured pulses.
  2. LoRaWAN AMI Integration: Encoded water meters often leverage LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) technology to enable advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). LoRaWAN AMI allows for secure, long-range wireless communication, facilitating real-time data collection, remote monitoring, and control of water meters.
  3. Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Encoded water meters offer several benefits that contribute to reducing the total cost of ownership:
    • Accurate and Reliable Data: The use of encoded data transmission ensures accurate and reliable consumption data, eliminating issues associated with lost pulses and providing a more comprehensive view of water usage.
    • Tamper-Resistant Design: Encoded water meters are designed with enhanced security features and alarm transmission to deter tampering and unauthorized adjustments, reducing the risk of revenue loss for property owners.
    • Improved Leak Detection: The detailed and granular real-time data provided by encoded water meters enables early leak detection, minimizing water loss, and property damage.
    • Efficient Resource Allocation: With precise consumption data, property owners can analyze usage patterns, optimize resource allocation, and make informed decisions regarding infrastructure upgrades and water conservation initiatives.


Encoded water meters offer a robust solution to the challenges associated with pulse output water meters. By utilizing digital technology, serial data transmission, and integrating with LoRaWAN AMI, these meters provide accurate and reliable consumption data, reduce the risk of tampering, and enable efficient water management. The benefits of encoded water meters, including improved leak detection and optimized resource allocation, contribute to lowering the total cost of ownership for property managers while promoting sustainability and conservation efforts. Embracing the advantages of encoded water meters is a step towards a more efficient and resilient water management system.

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