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What is Submetering? How Utility Grade Submeters Can 10x Your Savings

To properly understand the benefits of submetering, we must understand the difference between meters and submeters. Master meters, or mainline utility meters, are mandated by local governments to track water, electricity, gas and more. Property managers and building owners receive monthly or quarterly invoices from the utility company based on the building’s total energy use and have to make manual calculations on how to charge tenants within their building.

Slow billing cycles can lead to tenant disputes and delayed responses to damaged systems. This can contribute to higher operational costs for repairs. Further, with no access to unit specific data, building owners are forced to use a “guess-and-check” method to make meaningful improvements to their property.

Submetering is a more accurate and cost-effective method of utility management that begins with the installation of submeters at the tenant level. All energy consumption within the tenant space is monitored, allowing for fair allocation of utility use. Wireless submetering allows for better insight into energy use trends as well as accountability for both property managers and tenants.

How Utility Grade Submetering Can 10x Your Savings

Not all submetering systems are created equal. Our suggestion for an ideal submetering system would require several key components:

  • Encoded: Encoded meters reliably produce accurate data and cannot be tampered with.
  • Quality Construction: Ensure submeters are built using high quality materials to increase lifespan of installed metering equipment and reduce measurement errors.
  • Active Monitoring and Management: Utilizing a best in class meter data reporting platform can provide alerts based on irregularities within your system, making monitoring your property easy.

Property owners and managers can make proactive repairs and actions based on accurate data. This form of meter reporting keeps tenants accountable for their usage, lowering the average user’s utility cost, while putting pressure on tenants with higher consumption to re-evaluate their energy use habits.

What Factors Makes a Submetering System Effective?

Effective submetering systems require strong wireless communication. While this isn’t required, it allows property managers to remotely monitor every meter installed on their property remotely. We have found that wireless water meters are the most cost-effective option for multi-residential and distributed networks, as long as they communicate signals out accurately. Wireless water meters, such as our LoRaWAN-enabled UNICOCoders, cut down on wiring and installation costs, and have a data transmission range of over fifteen miles in best case scenarios, reducing material costs and labor.

Are All Submeters Effective?

Unfortunately, for property managers in North America, the market is plagued with low quality, inaccurate and polymer-based meters that constantly fail testing processes. Installing sub-par meters can lead to increased tenant disputes, caused by inaccurate readings and the constant need for re-verification and equipment replacement.

What’s The Most Effective Submetering System?

An ideal submetering system includes utility grade metering hardware, a robust meter data reporting platform, as well as expert commissioning services. Truety uses Swiss-made, utility grade water meters paired with LoRaWAN integrated gateways to produce the best submetering system on the market. Truety is paired with the Truety Portal, our meter data reporting platform that provides accurate reports on utility usage. Lastly, our group of expert contractors and technicians are trained to diagnose and properly commission all projects, reducing errors at the end of a project. Recoup your cost of installation, improve your property value and lower your operating costs in one compact package.

Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and take the first step towards cost effective property management.

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