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Leak Detection Saves Broadway Block Thousands

Broadway Block is a mixed-use project in Long Beach, California, housing over 430 residential units developed by Onni. Due to the strict regulatory landscape around submetering in California, Onni required a reliable partner that could supply high quality wireless water meters as well as an easy-to-use online utility data management platform. These requirements made Truety a perfect match for this project. 

Broadway Block in California, indoor wireless water sub metered apartment

The Advantage of Water Metering at Broadway Block

Based on their needs, QMC installed Truety, our wireless water metering solution, across the entire property. Truety is unique in that it uses LoRaWAN wireless communication and utility grade brass water meters to accurately track water consumption. Hot and cold indoor wireless water meters were installed in each apartment and is in compliance with California state law. Utilizing LoRaWAN wireless water meters allowed the client to install less communication modules on site, reducing hardware and labor costs. All meters on the property communicate wirelessly to the Truety platform, allowing for easy viewing and exporting of utility data.

Outside of Broadway Block In California, wireless water sub metered apartment

How Wireless Water Metering Already Helped Broadway Block

Our Truety system began working as soon as it was installed. A contractor left a sink running at the end of a work week, which was detected by our system immediately. Truety then sent out a notification blast which allowed the contractor to be notified, and they were able to return to the unit to turn off the water, preventing water waste and mitigating property damage. Tenants have had consistent access to verify and monitor their consumption data, making it easy for them to make proactive changes to their water usage.

Leaks in multi-family residential towers are an on going problem and the Truety solution will consistently reduce property damage and water waste. We appreciates the opportunity to continue to build on our working relationship with Onni and look forward to all future projects.

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