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About Truety

QMC Introduces Truety, powered by GWF encoded technology. Truety was designed and created to overcome significant gaps in quality, longevity and functionality within the submetering marketplace. With over 150 years of combined corporate experience, QMC and GWF are the experts and innovators that bring Truety to you.

Truety is North America's first encoded and utility-grade solution for the multifamily and commercial industries. Truety provides robust hardware and encoded meter readings to a cloud-based meter data management platform that can be directly integrated with your preferred property management or billing software.

Key dependencies within the submetering ecosystem:

  1. Resource Responsibility. Energy and water stewardship is directly related to reliable and accurate consumption measurement. The output of this must be reliable and actionable information.
  2. Business execution. In order to positively impact resource stewardship, utilities and service providers must have affordable and effective tools to do the job correctly. Truety improves your ability to deploy systems faster, without errors, and trust the system over the long term.

Truety builds trust and positively impacts each point along the submetering value chain.

QMC leads the industry in intelligent submetering solutions. We help building owners and occupants conserve energy and save money through the submetering of a building’s utilities: electric, water, thermal and gas. Vancouver-based with offices across Canada and USA, QMC has both hands-on experience in the field, and extensive knowledge of utility billing, analytics, and conservation.

With over twenty years of experience, QMC has continually kept pace with the growth and change in the industry. By adapting to the needs of customers, we have established ourselves as the market leader, offering forward-thinking submetering expertise.
GWF is the leading company for flow measurement and consumption data acquisition of gas, water, electricity and heating in Switzerland. We offer our customers trend-setting system solutions for the acquisition, communication and management of measurement data.

GWF is a Swiss family-owned company with over 270 employees and a success story spanning more than 120 years and is your innovative partner for metering systems and meter data management.

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