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Water Metering Applications

Improve your business execution with real time, error free commissioning and simplified access to actionable encoded meter data.
Image of a phone with Truety' mobile commissioning app on the screen

Truety CX App

Key Features

Tap and Go NFC Verification
Automated Documentation
Real-time User Feedback
Commissioning records with site images and historical data


Download Data Sheet pdf
Truety web portal

Truety Portal

Key Features

Self Service
Easy to Use
Cost Effective
Open API
Commissioning Data
Preset and Customizable Reports
Audit Logs
Leak Detection
Truety Portal
Download Data Sheet pdf
image of a lobby display from truety

Charles Display

Key Features

Wireless Centralized Display
True Encoded Data
California Approved
Cost Efficient - Reduce Hardware and Installation Costs
No Need for In-Suite Displays


Download Data Sheet pdf

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