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Submetering vs. RUBS: Fair Utility Billing Explained

Multi-family property utilizing Truety submetering solutions for accurate utility billing

Accurate utility billing is crucial for maintaining transparency and fairness in both residential and commercial properties. While Ratio Utility Billing Systems (RUBS) are a common method, they often fall short in ensuring fair utility payments. Submetering offers a more precise alternative, ensuring that tenants are charged based on their real utility usage.

What is Ratio Utility Billing Systems (RUBS)?

RUBS allocate utility costs among tenants based on a predetermined formula. This formula often considers factors like the square footage of each unit, the number of occupants or the number of water fixtures. This can lead to unfair utility cost allocation, as they don't account for individual utility usage. Tenants who use less water, gas or electricity end up subsidizing those who use more, leading to potential disputes and tenant dissatisfaction.

How Submetering Eliminates Billing Disputes

Submetering on the other hand, involves installing individual meters for each unit to track actual utility consumption. This method ensures that tenants pay for exactly what they use, promoting fairness and encouraging conservation. We will cover this further below but unlike RUBS, submetering provides precise data, which can help property managers and tenants understand and manage their utility usage more effectively.

Benefits of Submetering for Property Managers

For property managers, submetering offers several significant advantages. It greatly reduces billing disputes, as tenants are billed based on precise data, and streamlines the billing process, saving time and resources that would otherwise be spent on resolving conflicts.

Additionally, submetering can improve operational efficiencies and cost savings. Automated billing systems eliminate manual meter readings and calculations, reducing labor costs. Submetering also supports regulatory compliance, particularly in states with specific submetering regulations, ensuring that property managers avoid potential fines and legal issues.

Further benefits include:

  • Enhanced Return on Investment (ROI) and Net Operating Income (NOI): Submetering can increase property values and attract sustainability-conscious tenants.
  • Easy Installation: Truety submetering systems are designed for quick and hassle-free installation, allowing for installation times in under two minutes, compared to the competition's much lengthier installation times.
  • Automated Billing Processes: Submetering systems can integrate with property management software, simplifying your existing billing process.

Why Choose Truety For Your Submetering Solution

Truety, a sub-brand of QMC Metering Solutions, offers North America's first intelligent, encoded and utility-grade solution for water submetering. Truety combines reliable encoded readings with durable brass constructed metering devices. Utilizing LoRaWAN communications and NFC-based verification systems helps to streamline operations, eliminating errors and building trust.

Truety's advanced technology and robust ecosystem make it the superior choice for both residential and commercial properties looking to transition from RUBS to submetering.

Embrace Submetering for Fair Utility Billing

Switching from RUBS to submetering offers numerous benefits for both property managers and tenants. Accurate billing, reduced disputes and operational efficiencies are just a few reasons why submetering is the preferred method for utility management.

Truety enhances your property's billing processes and helps achieve your sustainability goals. Contact us today!

“Most people think they’re not using that much water, but in reality, they are using 80 gallons of water per show, and using much more than they expect. This gives me a chance to educate them on their water consumption and help them save money in the long run.” Joe Guajardo, Property Manager, Columbia Greens. To check out our full interview with Joe click here.

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