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Water Meter Solution Built for California

The Best Water Meters in the Californian Market

You understand the challenges of managing water and electricity consumption without the right tools.

Truety is the water metering solution made for California. Efficiently and accurately monitor, analyze, and manage water usage for your building. CTEP and NTEP approved, with a durable brass body. Deploy metering equipment quickly and accurately.

Take the hassle out of managing water consumption today.

Truety Features

Utility Grade

Truety, with support from GWF, supplies industry leading water meters that are built to utility grade specifications.

Tap & Go Verification

Commission your metering system in seconds: Tap your mobile device and use NFC technology to commission water meters in the field.

True Encoded Data

Truety's water meters use encoded technology meant for the 21st century. Ditch pulse-based systems and step into a new age.

Future Proof Technology

Truety's water metering solution uses automated meter reading architecture to stay on the cutting edge.

Over 150 Years of Combined Metering Knowledge

Truety is a collaborative effort between two industry giants with over 150 collective years of experience in metering solutions.

The Ideal Water Metering Solution for Indoor and Outdoor Applications in California

Improve your net operating income (NOI) by identifying and eliminating water waste. Speed up metering deployments and use equipment that can accurately monitoring water use in your building.

Let Truety help today.

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